This week, Mike is off to Southern Illinois to teach a seminar in Marion, IL, but found time right before he left to record a Powercast with Beres Bartlett. The two of them discussed, among many things, the freedom of the gospel is ultimately freedom from any retribution from God.  Freedom of thought is of utmost importance in the Gospel Revolution, and Mike says there is no condemnation from this ministry towards anyone who thinks differently from us. There is also a powerful short exegesis on Hebrews Chapter 6 you don’t want to miss along with an eyeopening explanation of what true perversion is.

Discussion Points:

  • The Marriage Relationship with Christ
  • Freedom from the Law
  • The Gospel Revolution doesn’t discriminate against members who think differently
  • The difference between the gospel and Christian doctrine
  • The mystery of the resurrection
  • Other gospel mystery highlights
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
Freedom from Retribution