“Round Yon Virgin” means “surrounding or gathering around a young virgin.” It’s a popular lyric in one of our favorite Christmas carols. In this special Gospel Revolution Christmas Powercast, Beres and Mike talk about the virgin birth of Jesus. Here, Mike expounds upon the well memorized words from the Gospel of John, “The word was made flesh.” Mike lets us know that, ” All of God’s word has become flesh!” It is the mystery of the fulfillment of the word of God. “The seed,” as foretold by the scriptures about the promise to come in the flesh as the Savior is brought to light in a way that shatters traditional doctrines across the board. Find out why Mike says, “The branch, nor the leaves choose on their own to accept the tree so they can be a part of the tree.” Hint: It was all predestined in “the seed.” Merry Christmas!

Christmas Trilogy Part 2: ‘Round Yon Virgin
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