The title of this week’s Powercast is probably confusing to most of you. That’s because is Greek to you and Greek to us too! Mike Williams and Beres Bartlett discuss the term “Antinomianism”, which was coined a few hundred years ago to condemn Christian sects who didn’t observe certain Biblical laws. Antinomian means “against law,” which we are not. The Gospel Revolution respects the law of the scriptures and its place in history. There is, however, a difference. We do not “fragment” the law as Jesus said he also would not do. Jesus said he came to fulfill it and we spread the good news that he did. This Powercast is a defining moment in the separation of the gospel from the myriad of creeds in the quasi Christian world from fundamentalism to universalism. You also don’t want to miss what we heard this week from Steve Davis in California and Bill Couch in Tennessee.

Antinomian or Anomian?
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