You may have never heard Michael more excited than in this Powercast! Why?

Why is he so pumped about the current climate (both of the weather and that within the Gospel Revolution‘s new home offices manifesting in such amazing content)? After Ethan heard Mike and Daniel preparing for this show, he pointed something out that caused Michael to say, “This one thing is worth listening to the whole show for”.

As pumped as ever about the veracity of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Blood of Christ (far from “that bloody mess”), the virgin birth, the Book of Genesis, our just-released Religion-Free printed version of I Corinthians and much more, Michael reiterates that not only do we have year’s worth of teaching looking at us but a decade’s worth!

“The ground of the Earth is NOT cursed anymore…emasculation is just as justifiable as fasting…God created evolution…The theory of relativity is just that – relative…There were three phases of creation…God DID change his mind but not anymore because WE (all) have the mind of Christ…We are just telling you what IS, not what you should be doing…The early church was involved in communism” are just among a bevy of thought-provoking statements which these 90 minutes are replete with.

Continuing on our discussion about the Commands and Teachings of Christ, we closely examine #12 “laying up treasures in heaven”. How can we lay up treasures in heaven if heaven came to earth? What is the treasure? How do you obtain this treasure? 

A search through the Hebrew Scriptures, the parables of Jesus, and his encounter with the rich young ruler provide us with answers and so much more!

Time to buckle-up, Family!

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Gospel Revolution
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