The start of the last month of 2023 finds Michael and Daniel confessing on all kinds of topics on this must-listen-to Powercast, including Mike’s entrance into the Word of Faith Movement decades ago when a man bought him a pack of cigarettes.

They begin by admitting to being snobs about steak, pasta and the Bible. As Michael honors the life of the late Carlton Pearson, he tells of their relationship, how Carlton was in consistent contact with him, calling Mike the greatest teacher of the Gospel of Peace and Grace, crediting Michael in his book, and appearing at the Gospel Revolution Convention in Houston in 2008 (see the picture below). Then Michael explains how his name disappeared from the next edition of the same book, how Carlton stopped returning phone calls, left the Gospel behind, “and I never found out why”. Yet, still, Michael concludes with, “Carlton was a wonderful person who was a holy, righteous man without fault, blame or blemish.”

As the Guys get into today’s teaching on command of Christ, “Practicing Secret Disciplines”, we learn: of a man who back in the day fasted for Michael’s deliverance for 40 days and 40 nights only to call on Michael to pray for him on his own death bed, James’ vs Paul’s perspective on wisdom (“Us is it”), the dramatic difference between what the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospel have to say about the “hidden or secretive” things as opposed to how Christianity has hypocritically perverted “secret disciplines” leading to the condemnation of people throughout history.

“Nobody has ever fasted or prayed to produce righteousness. We do not live up to Jesus…Jesus LIVES in US…It ALL was concluded in one day – ALL of it”!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
231201 Steak, Pasta and Bible Snobs!