Yesterday, in the United States, the official holiday of Thanksgiving was celebrated.

Other countries which mark a day to give thanks are: Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Liberia, and unofficially in countries like Brazil, Germany and the Philippines. It is also observed in the Dutch town of Leiden and the Australian territory of Norfolk Island.

At the Gospel Revolution, we understand “thanksgiving” is not just a day. Being thankful and grateful are emotional attributes which one may live in all the time. They are produced, along with other mentally-impacted effects, by the Consistent, Persistent, Repetitive meditation of the Gospel. You don’t have to work these things up yourself in your own mind. All we have to do (or better said, get to do), is to CPR the Good News. The effective thoughts and emotions just seem to show up as part of the soul-cleansing and mind-renewing process of immersing yourself in the truth of the Gospel.

Another mind-expansion process of exposure to the Gospel is that of more and more logical thought.

The Gospel logic which is progressively coming out of the GR these days, and has been for decade upon decade, is a beautiful byproduct of all the study and research being done and on full display from all the time spent creating “The Religion-Free Bible” and in these 90 minutes of podcasting brilliance.

“My mind is blown!” Daniel says. It would be hard to not agree with his assessment.

Logical thinking leading to more research and open-mindedness.

It is why Michael was able to so strongly critique the real Pilgrims’ behavior from the very first Thanksgiving and describe them as “not very nice”. It is why he is so excited to “compare the Gospel to everything” and speaks so boldly about the “pseudosciences” or the “theories” of evolution, the speed of light, relativity (“the theory was wrong. Einstein fooled the entire scientific world”) and the almost religious fervor with with so-called scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson defend them.

“How do you come up with facts made out of a bunch of theories? … Evolution makes no sense.. It was used to justify the Holocaust…Just as sure as there is pseudo graphical writings added to Paul’s, there is pseudoscience….We have to divest ourselves of the pseudo sciences as much as we do from the pseudo graphics,” proclaims the Great Researcher from our new studios in Tennessee.

This is all discussed before we dive into the 10th Command of Christ, “Be Ye Perfect”!

“This has been so misused that is it soul-crushing!”

“Be ye perfect as your Father is perfect.” What does it mean? What was Jesus talking about? How has it been mishandled and abused by the religious world all these thousands of years? What “mental gymnastics” needed to be employed?

“There is NO verse in the Bible which says ‘God will be pleased with you if you do your best’.”

Want to experience some more thankfulness in your soul. Listen to this!

Thanksgiving WILL show up!

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Gospel Revolution
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