From the outset, these were Michael thoughts on our previous show as he encouraged us to go back to listen to it again and to not listen to this podcast unless you can really pay attention. “We did it. I have to admit I was there. I heard me. But where was I? The realization of what was presented to us (was incredible)…If the Holy Ghost is the Great Teacher (and he is), I am going to give him credit AND blame for what happened last week!”

As we embark on this eighth teaching on a commandment of Christ, Daniel notes, “I am amazed this is going in the direction it is.” Michael says, “It has become harder and harder to be a follower of Jesus”. This Powercast underlines that very fact. “Even the Law is about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ,” Daniel points out.

The program opens up with us hearing from Dr. David Jeremiah’s internationally seen TV commercial on his new rapture book, “The Great Disappearance”. Of course, there is nothing new here. The Guys dismiss and rebut the silliness of it all and then greet our listeners from the year 2033 explaining why we knew they would be here.

Michael updates us on some major changes coming to the GR, and then dips his toe into some huge breakthroughs in understanding regarding “the fall of Satan and the devils, and the thousand year reign”.

Far from running out of topics to cover, “We don’t have enough time”!

We learn all about: why freedom has no “spiritual foo foo”, why freedom is equality and why the understanding of that will bring an end to war, what happens when hatred begins to set in and what to do about it, why the greatest power at the Cross was what did NOT happen there, where exactly Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected, what happened to him during that process (warning: it is quite graphic) and how it was a fulfillment of his own law and teaching including our focus today on “turn the other cheek”, “the biggest ruse in the history of the planet”, what system is “water-tight, air-tight, word-tight, and thought-tight”, on top of so much more profound insight in just these 73 minutes.

As Michael suggested earlier, if you don’t have the time to focus on this now, wait til you do. Then listen again and again. Then PLEASE share it! 

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
231110 Blaming The Holy Ghost