Believe it or not, we just celebrated the 17th Anniversary of the Gospel Revolution podcast. Back in 2006 when we started it, they hadn’t even come up with the term “podcast” to describe what we were doing and have been doing for seventeen years. We called this history-making effort a “webcast”.

Well, of the nearly 1,000 shows which have been done, and can still be heard at (one of the first-ever websites, too, BTW), this week’s Powercast may be the all-time prototype.

It has it all. Humor, tragedy, pathos, reminiscing, sexuality, and incredible insight about the Gospel and on the 7th commandment of Jesus we are examining – all about his admonition against adultery.

We discover: about Michael’s recent dream about potentially running for political office, about his and Ethan’s couch arrangement, about Glenn reminding Daniel of the historic nature of what we are engaged in, the importance of accepting the severity of God’s commands and Jesus’ teachings in their context, what happens if someone doesn’t understand the context – “It makes you a horrible person”, the danger of all beliefs and what believing does to the brain, how the swinging of Tarzan from jungle vine to vine may help us navigate belief systems, why “If you learn one thing about the Gospel, you have learned everything about the Gospel”, all about what the Hebrew Scriptures and Jesus have to say about adultery and all sexual immorality, why Michael was so thrilled to see he was part of a group condemned in the Hebrew Scriptures, how he has dealt with the knowledge that certain people killed themselves because of his previous stance and teachings, why he doesn’t have many gay friends, about his time speaking with the late Tammy Faye Bakker, why he asks people to stop praying to God to take away their sexual desires, how Daniel used to deal with sexual temptation as a younger man, about Ethan’s past religious life and his on going journey to freedom, about mean Nazarene grandmas, and so much more wisdom, wittiness and wise-cracks.

This is the one to listen to AND share!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
231103 All About Adultery