This is week six on our examination of the commands of Christ. Michael says, “If you ever try to rely on your salvation by following the teachings Christ, you are going to be one hopeless person”.

The show begins with Michael telling a story of when he appeared live before 20 million people on a television program, as he and Daniel marvel in the fact that people are listening to the Gospel Revolution around the world. They also rejoice in the release of the first-ever chapter of “The Religion-Free Bible” and what is coming soon including GR’s application of A.I. to the effort.

We learn: why Michael said about a certain perspective on Christ: “It’s nuts”, all about the unique yet connected brands of Christianity of James, John and Peter which were all opposed by Paul, why God being “unfair” is really fair at the same time, about the lies still being promoted, how what Jesus did changed God, why if you’re offended by the virgin birth, the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua – you’re going to be offended by the Gospel Revolution, all about the Lord’s teaching and commandment “Be Reconciled to Your Brother” — which in context turns out to be about a sacrificial offering, to what degree biblical reconciliation is required and compare it to the reconciliation of the world to God, which parties change in a reconciliation, plus an incredible amount more.

This is so worth the little more than an hour to listen. Then PLEASE share it.

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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