“The problem is, you frickin’ idiots, some people take you seriously!”

Why did Michael get after these folks so pointedly and who was he referencing?Well, you are going to have to listen to this power-packed Powercast to find out.

You will be happy you did, though, and not just to discover the target of his criticism but for an amazing amount of insight and pure Gospel which will positively impact your soul guaranteed “or you money back”, LOL.

The show opens with a big announcement about the status of our most recent project, as Daniel calls it, “A Pseudo-Graphic-Free New Testament”! You won’t want to miss the details and brief preview of the release of 1 Corinthians Chapter One.

Then we learn why decades ago Michael would announce. “I am the only person I know who truly loves the Law of God”.

The guys do a deep dive into our next teaching and commandments of Christ — the necessity to love and honor the Law of God.

We review the purpose of the law, who was able to keep the law, how the law is fulfilled, what happens to those who don’t keep the law, AND why Michael and Daniel LOVE the law.

Do you love the Law of of God?

Listen up. Because if you don’t, you are about to! If you do, you will love it even more – much more!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
231020 Love The Law Of God