“The power of this is of such magnitude!” Michael pronounces. Daniel says this is going so fast and we have so much momentum that “It’s like running down hill – in a good way”!

Folks, there is no way we can do the 81 minutes presented in this podcast justice in these few show notes, Suffice it to say, Michael concludes the program describing it accurately as “joy unspeakable and full of glory!” You just gotta hear this for yourself!

The biblical imagery the guys bring forth is magnificent: Jesus’ time in the Jordan River, the River connecting the Dead Sea with the Sea of Galilee, his robe, the tomb, the Valley of the Shadow of Death “he lived his whole life in”, the wood of his Cross, and so much more.

It all begins with the wonderful story of how Lisa MacPeek became a recent co-giver to the Gospel Revolution, pulling her funding of two ministries promoting the “second coming”, after having heard the conference on “The Revelation” – that is how recent! Michael responds, “Any fractal of the Gospel is a TOTAL revelation of the Gospel”!

Michael utilizes Donald Trump and Hunter Biden to explain why, “You do not HAVE the love of God….Christ died for no one unless they were his enemies..God has already destroyed everything that defiled the temple”!

The “necessary” recap of last week’s program revisits a few highlights including Isaiah 9 where we see that we are already living in a government of peace without end. Then Psalm 23 reminds us, it’s all about Jesus. Michael throws out some quick facts about what he has been learning about the Tower of Babe, the love of God and why there weren’t any philosophers for 1,400 years after the Cross. “They murdered them!” 

This all before we examine the next commandment and teaching of Christ about being “the light of the world by letting your works glorify God”. We focus this teaching through the lens of parables and the Hebrew Scriptures to learn who is the light of the world and the only one who could give God all the glory.

All we can say is buckle up. We are on quite a ride! Please share it with everyone you know.

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
231013 Take Me To The River!