You have never heard Michael Lilborn Williams more elated and moved by what he and Daniel Thomas Rouse discovered and reveal in this week’s podcast.

“We are co-laborers…We are NOT fishers of men…Christianity has kept us in the valley of the shadow of death but they DO fear evil…Psalm 23 is NOT about us…I know it is not true, but it feels like we’re being rewarded for sticking with the Hebrew Scriptures.” This is just a foretaste of what you will hear in this magnificent show.

Our pattern for examining the commandments and teachings of Christ holds true again by comparing his teachings vs his parables perfectly laid-out and foretold in the Hebrew Scriptures. What does it mean to be a follower of Christ and a fisher of men? Are we? Might we? Could we possibly be?. 

We learn exactly where we need to follow Christ to, what is the shadow of the valley of death, how the prophecy of Christ’s birth coincides with the prophecy of the end of war and so much more!


Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
231006 We Are Not Fishers of Men