Michael is almost brought to tears.

Daniel proclaims, “The Hebrew Scriptures save us again, this time in the Book of Matthew”!

This all happens as the boys begin to dig into Christ’s teaching to “repent” and Michael teases “the big reveal” coming at the end of the show.

It all commences with the fellas rehearsing the fact that folks from around the planet are still listening to, finishing up the Calgary Grace Conference from weeks ago and how they are having their minds blown. “I’m still blown away. And I taught it and have listened to some of the sessions three times. We know there is a lot of new information coming at you, but please don’t give up on it. We have reached a new plateau of seeing and bringing the truth of the Gospel”, says the Great Un-Teacher and “the big fat liar” as Daniel jovially greets him at first.

The voluminous nature and depth of the conference’s material are why we are bringing one session back with each Good News Letter, like Session 5 “The Ministry of Death!” at the bottom.

Our search this week takes us not only to the teaching of Christ “repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” but also leads back to the Hebrew Scriptures and one of Christ’s parables. All this delivers us to a beautiful New Creation reality! 

Speaking of repentance, Michael repents about his attitude concerning a certain popular minister. Daniel shares how the teachings of the Gospel Revolution and Michael Lilborn Williams reached him before he even knew of either the GR or MLW through this particular man. 

We completely discover what Jesus’ teaching about repentance was all about, how it applies to us today and why the guys greet the people listening in the year 2057.

“Because we knew you’d be here”!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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