Since its inception, Christianity’s misconceptions and misconstrued concepts and out right lies about Jesus have devastated every segment of society. This worldwide poison has polluted EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. We could never exhaust the list.


“We don’t abide in Jesus. He abides in us!” Daniel exudes this amazing conclusion toward the end of the start of another groundbreaking series on the ACTUAL teachings and commands of Christ. This week we start anew on the teaching and commandments of Jesus and their purpose.

Does anyone follow the teachings and commands of Christ? 

Amongst the life-giving info shared in this incredible hour is: why Michael’s comfortable with being a liar, about the “red button”, what would land you in hell, why Jesus did not die for his friends, how the rich young ruler messed-up, what the teachings of Jesus are actually all about, why if you want a personal savior you better get ready to have a personal accuser, the compiled list of Jesus’ teachings, why the last 30 years of learning has set us on the trajectory we are now on for this exciting series, plus so much more!

We start by examining the teaching of “Abiding in the Vine”. What does that mean? What happens if you don’t abide in the vine? What is the fruit of the vine? What happens if you don’t produce that fruit?

Prepare yourself. Enjoy. Then share!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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