As we continue in the afterglow of the Calgary Grace Conference, in this first podcast after last week’s climatic finale, Michael asked Daniel how he was feeling about it all. Daniel’s one-word exclamation was, “Exuberated”!

As Michael promised in this week’s Bonus Room Study, the guys not only recap what just happened and what we discovered, but also where are we headed now.

Far from searching the books of New Testament for contradictions, morality directives, the legitimacy of slavery, the mess in the midst of it all – we were searching for Christ and the Gospel. During the process, we knew would be “Setting the Record Straight”. Boy, did we ever! We just didn’t realize how beneficial it would be for our souls to be free of “the damning passages”, as Daniel called them.

Michael encourages everyone to listen to each session of the conference from the beginning (which is why we are re-posting one session in the near-future’s Good News Letters. (Session 1 is included at the bottom of this for your pleasure and convenience).

So many questions and answers are articulated in this phenomenal Powercast.

How did we know which verses were the added-on “pseudo graphia”? What was Michael referring to when he said, “It’s alright to feel the mud between your feet in the Mississippi River.”? Why was he so excited to declare himself “a liar”? How could he say, “I will never say, ‘I have sinned against Thee. O God!'”? How in the world could MLW say, “God did change! God Himself is a new creation!”?

The fun, the salvation of our souls, the truth of our 100% equality and righteousness as Christ continues…


Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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