What specifically was Michael warning us about? It’s all contained in this phenomenal 106 minutes of life-changing podcasting!

The show commences with two very excited “research ministers”. Why wouldn’t they be so excited (AKA saved)? The Boys have been immersed for hour after hour studying and researching for the upcoming, potentially “history making”, Fall Conference. They are eliminating ALL the pseudo graphical writings added to the New Testament.

“You can’t believe what they did to the New Testament! But you can’t change the Hebrew Scriptures. You can mess with the translation but NOT the actual words,” Michael affirms.

We hear: how the Holy Ghost may have failed, about mental illness or inspiration, how they utilize Daniel’s converted “skoolie” to articulate the Gospel, about how after teaching it himself for 10-15 years the FIRST time Michael ever heard the Gospel taught TO him by Wade Brewer, why the highest title a person can receive is “errand boy”, how Paul knows he is NOT an authority, why there is no such thing as an apostle, why there is NOTHING left to do but “to hear the proclamation”, what is “the only thing wrong with this world”, plus an amazing amount more.

Be prepared to be “MIND BLOWN” by the verse by verse teaching of 1 Corinthians 3. We find the true meaning behind the “destruction of the temple” and come to understand another clear statement regarding the fact that we are ALL ONE!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
230804 Very Excited Research Ministers!