“Lord have mercy! What is wrong with us, Daniel?”

Right from the get-go of this amazing show, the “Captain and Sparky” are clearly very saved and happy to be back online sharing the power of the information they continue to uncover.

“We’re really just errand boys delivering this beautiful message,” affirms Daniel.

Apparently, that’s what we ALL are – errand boys! “The reason we see these things is because we are WILLING to see these things,” proclaims Michael in this episode again highlighting “Salvation by Proclamation”!

“The Gospel is the only thing that gives the brain the ability to function in this New Matrix! … The only thing wrong with this world is the way we think!” Michael states definitively. “Oh my, God!” Daniel responds.

Living in this New Matrix finds us dropping back to the first chapter of I Corinthians. We gain a broader context of the discussion of Salvation by Proclamation, we discuss what Paul thought was carnal living, learning how to think, and learning to speak in tongues, plus so much more!

You thirsty for truth and joy? Drink up here!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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