“We don’t go for that crap around here. And that’s exactly what it is – crap!”

Holy crap! That is an accurate way to describe this blazing hot Powercast. Michael’s wide-ranging initial monologue stemmed from a discussion he and Daniel have about explaining to their respective 9 year olds the origin of God. You will find out why beliefs have nothing to do with facts, why you’re supposed to have blind faith, why people take it personally when having their dogma examined and criticized, plus an incredible amount more.

The guys again tease the coming fall conference, reminding us how Paul lost the argument in his day and how “they shoved mud down his throat”.

Listen to this show! You will discover why Michael says the things he does, what he means by them, and how fired-up he gets while responding to “Judy, Judy, Judy” Hamilton’s questions about the existence of evil in the world, a personal God, God’s “master plan” and the afterlife.

Get ready to have your mind blown and renewed!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
230623 Shoving Mud Down The Throat