The new movie about the early 1970’s “Jesus Revolution”, has caught the entertainment industry off-guard because the film has become the number 1 selling DVD in the United States.

However, our very own founder and president of the Gospel Revolution, Michael Lilborn Williams, lived through that season (and many others), knows what really took place and describes more of the story in this fantastic podcast. It caused Daniel to exclaim, “DC Talk wrote a song about you – Jesus Freak”!

Indeed Michael was freakish but once he started teaching the Gospel of Peace and Grace, he stayed with it and did not take part of what he calls, “the great sell-off of the Gospel to the highest bidder”.

“Why I stayed with the Gospel, I have no idea. But I have no regrets at all”.

The boys dive head-first back into the subject of the current lack God’s mercy as they revisit last week’s Powercast and the journey we are all still on. “Whether it’s ‘the churches’ or ‘the cartels’, it’s all deception…If God is capable of ‘doing’ day-to-day mercy, he is the biggest b@stard that has ever lived”!

Daniel questions why the Psalmist prayed for mercy. Mercy, pity and the “peace” of Christianity and Mysticism are compared and contrasted with the Hebrew Scriptures. The different ways people come to collect facts are examined as is what happens when you conclude “facts” resulting from emotion.

This is one mind-stretching must-hear show!

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