And now for a very different and unique kind of Powercast…

On this one, Michael and Daniel welcome Kevin Lauristen to the show to tell his story and quite a story it is. Kevin is a long-time Gospel Revolutionary who first encountered Michael and the true Gospel of Peace and Grace while still in the so-called “Word of Faith” movement. 

Kevin was an employee of Andrew Womack during the time when Michael was “black-listed” by Andrew (and so many others). Kevin worked as Andrew’s media editor and was responsible for preparing all his television and radio broadcasts — which at one time included editing Michael’s teachings at Andrew’s Bible College. 

After discovering the dishonesty of Andrew Womack’s Ministry, Kevin went to work for Marilyn Hickey in her call center. He likened the environment to a “dishonest used car dealership”. He shares a shocking story that made him leave Marilyn’s prayer center.

Michael describes Kevin’s story as “encouraging and disgusting”. It is an important part of the history of the Gospel Revolution and a “must-listen” for those who want to understand the process which has been underway for many decades and which has effected the entire world.

Gospel Revolution
230512 They Sold the Gospel with Special Guest Kevin Lauristen