“He made the whole world Israel!”

This is just one of a myriad of incredibly strong statements contained in our this Powercast.

Released on “Good Friday” during “Easter Weekend”, here is something you will NOT hear mentioned by Michael or Daniel in these 81 minutes – Good Friday or Easter. Why? Because our guys realize these days on the religious and cultural calendar are completely irrelevant and nor more important or “holy” than every day of every week.

Who is “holy”? You are! (And so is everybody else!)

What is “holy”? The Gospel!

So much Gospel is presented here in such a powerful way as the overflow from the recent conference on “The Revelation” continues to influence this show and every person who experienced it. (All the sessions are linked at the bottom.)

What is Michael embarrassed about from the outset and why does he repent? Why does he call Daniel a “low-life”? (Hint: it’s very funny.) What new phrase does Michael employ to continue to “untie” the truth of the Gospel and the Hebrew Scriptures from the “pseudo-graphia” imposed on the inspired text? How can deconstruction lead to dismissing the entire Bible? What is the progression of a condition which leads to a climatic projection? What new “church” did the boys just start? How did God make the whole world Israel?

Well, these questions, and a whole slew more of them, are asked and answered as we visit the Book of Amos. The WHOLE story is there, folks!

Please enjoy, share and give the Gospel!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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