The boys got back at it with this amazing new Powercast. It is another must-listen-to show! Michael addresses the future audience of this program thousands of years in the future.

It all commences with the guys encouraging everyone to get ready for the upcoming 2023 Winter Virtual Calgary Worldwide Grace Conference later this month. The study and preparation they have been doing to reveal “The Revelation” to us has been profound.

Then we learn of so-called revivals breaking-out in places like Asbury College in Kentucky and one featuring manifestations of voodoo in Haiti. “The reason they’re open to these is because they were never exposed to the previous bull bleep! … It’s all a distraction from the Gospel”

Michael does not apologize for being so blunt. “If it would work, we would, of course, still be doing it…There is nothing good that ultimately comes from it (these meetings)…If you still need to pray, pray. If you still need to confess sin, confess. At least, they’re pressure valves for what you’re under. But the pressure from the issue of sin was done away with forever by Christ…The Gospel is the singularly unique psychology in the Earth and equips you with everything you need to get through whatever life presents to you,” says the Founder and President of the Gospel Revolution.

Finally, we break out the GR Mailbag. Queries come in from Barry Laney and Laird Smith asking about Lucifer and his legion. Michael Turi wonders how we respond to God “leaving heaven” and God being omnipresent. (Please note: the podcast uses the term omniscient but omnipresent is the intended term.) We also hear from Joyce in Italy regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Plus, so much more!

Get ready to experience Michael speaking to righteous humanity centuries from now! It’s remarkable.

Gospel Revolution
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