Many people have heard the true Gospel. However, because they are not regularly listening or hearing THE truth, it is NOT making them free. What a shame to be free and not to be living in that freedom. They are not benefiting from the value of the repetition and meditation of the Gospel (AKA the Power of God), causing the cleansing of their soul and the renewing of their mind.

“There is immense benefit to CPRing (Consistently, Persistently, Repetitively) hearing this Gospel. It is brain food. It is soul food. It is NOT feeding our spirit. Everything that is spirit is already perfect, completed, and brought to union!” proclaims Michael in this week’s powerful podcast.

Daniel admits from the outset, and Michael concurs, that their heads have been spinning over these last many weeks of closely examining so many topics in warped speed fashion. “It has been unraveling so many of my (former) Christian beliefs. ZOINK!” Daniel exclaims.

So, as the boys continue to prepare for “The Revelation” to be revealed next month at our Calgary Conference, they take these 74 minutes to for a “30,000 foot view” of these incredible teachings which have been blowing minds around the world.

“The change that happened on Earth also happened in Heaven.This magnificent transformation did not just happen to man. It happened to God and it happened to the angels!” Michael reminds us.

The end of dualism, with all of its radical implications, is rehearsed in a glorious way. Get ready to get saved again!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
230217 A Head Spinning Season