“Folks, it’s time we wake-up and realize all of this external superficial spirituality is taking away from the reality of your (actual) spirituality!”

This definitive declaration by Michael comes toward the end of this week’s amazing Powercast. From its outset, the almost forensic, scientific approach which has become the hallmark of the guys’ style is apparent. The study of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Gospel and our shared “Y chromosome” is directly compared to Michael’s personal genealogical research going all the way back to the 8th century. Focusing and uncovering our scriptural DNA can help us overcome much, including mental illness and emotional trauma. After all, it is the Power of God!

A letter and question from Judy Hamilton really got the ball rolling on the topic if demons are defeated, why is there still “evil” in the world. It’s really fascinating stuff. Especially when you consider the whole issue is being addressed by the man once considered “The World’s Foremost Demonologist”. Here’s a hint: “Man can be evil all be himself without the devil.”

Last week’s “show-stopping” comment about the power of the angelic restraint demonstrated at the Cross is revisited. “Angels were never here for humans…They are not here to help you or protect your kids. They were here to bring about salvation!”

We hear of the late Lester Sumrall’s absurd story of his supposed “run-in” with his own “personal angels” and how flat out religious lies like that can have a devastating effect on people going through their own tragedy as Daniel did when his Mom was killed in a car accident.

The boys’ find great joy in the fact that since the Cross “We were all born into eternal life…WE will NEVER be raised from the dead!”

We discover: why Jesus did not want to be called “good”, the dates of the coming Calgary Conference, and why in order to cover the conference’s monumental subject that our study on the heavenly and the angelic realms have had to be so exhaustive. Plus, so much more.

Michael reminds us, “We’re trying to saturate the whole world with this Gospel!!!”

That’s all.

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Gospel Revolution
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