The beginning of this revelatory show reminds us how Michael became one of the most prominent speakers in the Word of Faith Movement.

One day, he told them, “The reason we Word of Faith people are struggling is because we don’t know anything about grace”. Hearing that, congregations across the country would audibly gasp. That began a journey for Michael sharing platforms with the likes of Kenneth Copeland, John Osteen, Kenneth Hagin, TBN, CBN, Marilyn Hickey, Dave Duwell, Andrew Wommack, Joseph Prince, Larry Huggins and many more.

After Michael enjoys the fact that Larry Huggins’ right-hand-man, a fella named Daniel Rouse, ended up with the Gospel Revolution, he reveals that he could have stopped right where he was in the ministry and continued with the financial success he was realizing.

“My problem was I kept learning!”

Thankfully, he did.

On this Powercast alone, we learn: of his “coming out” process. “Did I do it with grace and charm. Far from it…There were a lot of people who didn’t want me to say I was gay. But I had damaged so many lives (with my so-called testimony) and caused so many young men’s deaths due to suicide, I could not stay silent…Making a stand for the Gospel can effect every area of your life.”

We hear of the deceit and outright lies leveled at Michael which he had to deal with in those days. This dovetails nicely into a discussion of lying and “sin” in general. “Christians want to believe lies. In embracing ‘A’ lie, they have to believe other lies to keep ‘THE’ lie going…Leave the definition of sin alone! If you redefine sin, you’ll keep struggling with sin. But if you leave the actual definition of sin alone, you have nothing to be concerned with about sin. If you change it, sin is still ‘alive’.”

Michael tells Daniel and us about an encouraging call he received a few days ago from Kevin who was there back in those early days and is still listening. Robert adds insight into the criticism we received about Paul from Mikki last week.

Then our focus returns to the purpose of the angels to minister and protect Christ, “even if he dashes his foot upon the stone”. But then at the Cross, they stood idly by. Why?

“The power of the restraint of the angels was greater than the power of everything they had accomplished throughout the history of creation to this time. Because the Scriptures said. The Scriptures said. The Scriptures said! .. I just want to call people idiots for wanting to dismiss the Cross. I didn’t (call them idiots), But I want to…For you guys who are minimizing the crucifixion, just being something man did – you can place (blame) anywhere you want – but you’re going to have to answer why the angels didn’t stop it!”

We visit “Jacob’s ladder” as we complete our search for angels through the so-called Gospels. This leads to a very powerful rebuke from Michael for those who want to remove the sacrifice and the need for it from the story.

One fascinating 90 minute podcast awaits you!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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