You have often heard Michael and Daniel say, “Questions are the lifeblood of the Gospel Revolution”. It’s true! However, we may need to add “and criticisms” to that oft heard comment.

A beautiful case in point begins this phenomenal podcast as the guys address a pointed Facebook response by Mikki Burnett. “Actually, the truly good news is that it was JUST A STORY…..and one that never had a damn thing to do with anyone living, today. Paul’s epistles were PERSONAL letters that were written to specific people/groups who were actually living when he wrote them and were about issues, circumstances and events that THOSE people were facing at THAT time… the last days and end times of the old covenant world in which THEY were living……and for the record, despite Paul’s boastful claims, he never met, encountered, spoke with, or heard Jesus preach and Jesus did NOT send him.

Paul’s teachings were completely CONTRARY to the teachings of Jesus,..” Mikki wrote as part of her lengthy comment.

We’re so thankful she took the time to write and write what she did. It gave the fellas ample content for a great discussion. Michael explains why he appreciates her understanding and why he was happy to hear a group refer to Paul as “the Bastard Apostle”.

“Finally, somebody gets that (some of) the New Testament writings are not in agreement…Paul taught things Jesus did not teach. Paul taught the completed work of the Cross. Jesus taught in parables about the way things were going to be after the Cross…So many people say they live by the teachings of Christ. NO YOU DON’T!”

We learn that the story did indeed NOT happen TO us, but it did happen FOR us!

All this prior to more dialogue on the role of the angels in the Lord’s conception, birth, naming, ministry and resurrection and what the angels were NOT allowed to get involved in,

What did the angels know and when they did know it? Log on and have your psyche renewed to who you (and all of humanity) truly are!

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