Oh, Boy! What a Powercast!! You have been forewarned…These show notes only begin to describe the power contained in one incredible 90 minute podcast.

Do you want to be released from the bondage keeping you down in your mind?

You are going to want to listen to this one and share it a lot. Someone commented on our teaching about the angels with a “So, what?” So, what? This is a HUGE part of the narrative which, when CPR’d, will lead to stability for your psyche and the downfall of religion worldwide. That’s what! Geez.


More rational and challenging commentary commences with Michael explaining why he can’t take the thought of “being in the moment and living in the now” seriously. “You can’t live in the now…There is an element of self-righteousness in commiserating in past suffering”.

We discover why Michael is happy about some of our friends saying the Hebrew Scriptures are wrong. “The goal was not to prove them wrong. The goal was to find the truth…Folks, if you’re ever going to learn anything, please don’t learn in a vacuum. Compare (what you have learned and think) to everything that is opposed to that to see if there is merit to (the opposition)”.

This is all before the guys continue their “pursuit of eternal life” and we hear a text from Ben Hunt about his nervousness in going down this path with us.

The value of humor is highlighted and why our “un-teachers” employ it so much. “If you can laugh about something, you are more likely to be able to let it go,” comments MLW.

Then the boys venture into the topic of “Did Satan Get Redeemed?”.

“When Jesus raised us all above the angels, something took place. It all happened in an hour according to ‘The Revelation’, but that is not the end of the story…Daniel, I’m feeling spiritual right now. (LOL!)…When you have the total concept, if not all the facts, of the complete declaration of peace between God and man and a complete eradication of what had worked against man AND a complete gathering together of God and man and the angels to live this out in Earth – it does something to me! I feel like I’m “getting high”!!!

The “back-filling” about the angels in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is reviewed, as Michael and Daniel continue to “get even higher” (AKA as saved in the soul”),

“I hope you are absorbing the power of the story. We cannot sit idly by when there is an entire movement afoot to gut the story of the power of God!…If what we are considering here turns out to be accurate, this is a transformation of thought and understanding of who we (all) are in the Earth”!!!

We delve into who the angels actually were, how powerful they were, how integral they were in the story, what they did and what happened to them. We might be left with more questions than answers, and they may not be fuly resolved ever (or at least not until the Calgary Spring Conference on “The Revelation”), but questions are the lifeblood of the Gospel Revolution!

Ask away and get ready to grow in your understanding!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
230113 Why You Cannot Live In The Now