The inaugural Powercast of 2023 commenced with Michael retelling how he realized he was no longer a Christian. We enjoy Kate Benham singing “I Am Not a Christian”, which was recorded live over ten years ago at a summit we held in Houston, with the “GR Choir” joining in! 

Then Michael has strong words for those who are trying to do spiritual things.

“What’s spiritual is YOU, not what you do! The story IS spiritual. The end of the story is VERY spiritual. But when you negate the story and its process, you take away the power of the conclusion of the story! … Can we finally say it out loud? They lied to us! I was part of those conversations. But I had to reexamine them. You didn’t have to lie. You just need to leave out one or two facts.”

We return to our look into Ephesians, putting the verses referring to heaven and heavenly things and places under the “gospel microscope”. A few of these verses have Michael and Daniel wondering about the “family in heaven”. Whatever happened to all the angels? Was Apollos saying in the Book of Hebrews that we are “the strangers” or the angels?

Check-out this amazing show, boldly stating our eternal status as “God in the Earth”, challenging the obvious, continuing to ask the questions nobody else seems to want to ask, plus so much more Good News!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
230106 What Happened To All The Angels?