One of the hallmarks of Michael and Daniel’s forays together online, is that there is lots of giggling and flat-out laughter. Why? Because the absorption of all this gospel is making them happy! And laughter is like good medicine, right?

It seems especially true in this spectacular show to close out the year, even when discussing some pretty serious issues. For example, just on this program alone, the guys chuckle their way through s pretty dire financial situation with the final appeal for this Pledge Drive and the fact that we just lost a $750/month donor (if you can help. PLEASE do. See the links at the bottom.)

Then our “un-educators” crack-up about what illogical trash and silliness they used to pedal as pastors, especially Daniel’s journey from being a 16 year old youth pastor and at 20 being co-pastor over three churches with dad (who is still teaching this kind of stuff, Daniel humorously reminds to us). Michael jokes about dealing with the frigid temperatures in his new home AND people worrying about him. “I’m either alive or dead. You’ll find out which eventually. So, what does worrying do?” He also reminds us the Gospel Revolution is really a center of “un-teaching”.

This all before the boys continue one helluva heavenly teaching on the seven different layers of heaven and the nine plus circles of Dante’s hell (including “frozen hell”. Who the hell ever heard of that?)

This weirdness is deadly and widely accepted in religious circles and by society in general. It’s time to be a halt to it all!

With our “addiction to context” firmly in place, we examine what the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament writings actually mean when they talk about “the heavens, heaven and heavenly”. Our walk through the “New Testament” continues looking at the eternal and heaven, focusing this week on the first 10 verses of Ephesians.

Michael reminds us that we have only been blessed with one single blessing and then reveals what that blessing is! We also learn where all the heavenly “things” exist!!

Enjoy the “Consistent, Persistent, Repetitive Insistence”!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
221230 The Seven Layers Of Heaven