“I think my ‘COVID brain’ is gone!”

You will concur with Michael’s self-assessment in this most unique, surprising “Christmas Edition” of the Powercast and never hear a stronger, more glorious and, frankly, pointed teaching of the “Christmas Story” and defense of the Hebrew Scriptures than this one. “Crap on the Hebrew Scriptures! Come on, dummies, wake the hell up! We don’t pick and choose. The Hebrew Scriptures pick and choose!”

You would be hard-pressed to find a more beneficial thing to do this week than to spend this hour with Michael and Daniel.

We learn: all about why Michael and his family “cancelled Christmas”, how there is NO correlation between eternal life and heaven, how “none of these things are so screwed up that you can’t see your way through it. We have the Hebrew Scriptures!”

In the end, the only Christmas our “Grinch” is stealing is that of Christianity and Mysticism, disproving both of their respective versions of Christmas. The story in Luke Chapter 2 is recited. We revisit the angelical proclamation of “on earth peace and goodwill toward men” (NOT “peace on earth), the Midgal Edder (the birthplace of Jesus and its Scriptural significance), the nuclear fusion breakthrough and why the King James version is better than the NKJV. LOL.

In the end, Santa himself could never deliver a better and more positive Christmas present than this podcast. 

Finally, we continue our examination of what the entire Bible has to say about heaven and the eternal. This week we are going through the Book of Galatians. Hint: it doesn’t take long.

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
221223 The Grinch Who Stole The Christian And Mystic Christmas