There’s a lady who’s sure

All that glitters is gold

And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.

The opening lyric of Led Zeppelin’s classic “Stairway to Heaven” begins a song that is just one of innumerable examples of how much the topic of heaven and eternal life has penetrated popular culture because of religion’s influence on society. You can hardly watch the news, a TV show, a movie, read a book, a blog or website and not see a reference to heaven. That is how prevalent it is.

Is there a “stairway to heaven” or any other way? What is the truth of it?

As Michael has previously pointed out, the truth of heaven and eternity may never have been taught accurately according to the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospel before now. “We will never become ashamed of being repetitious about the fact we value the Hebrew Scriptures (as the validation of all truth).”

Such is the powerful nature of the information Michael and Daniel share in this amazing Powercast. “If you do not understand all of this written in the Hebrew Scriptures about the wrath, anger and judgement of God, you are treasuring up wrath for a day you think is coming…This is not a healthy place to live, folks…If you do not accept the judgement of God according to truth, you cannot accept the grace of God according to truth.”

This power-packed show begins with Michael announcing he is moving to Clarksville, Tennessee. Why? You’ll have to listen. Also at the outset of the podcast, we learn of the Gospel Revolution’s pretty dire financial situation and a sincere request for help as we begin this Pledge Drive.

Then the fellas review the exhaustive work they have done on heaven and eternal life in the so-called Gospels which prompts MLW to joke, “If I didn’t go above my pay grade, you guys wouldn’t know anything!” LOL.

We hear of Daniel’s recent experience at his Grandpa’s funeral listening to his own Dad preach a eulogy about enjoying heaven and eternal life. All this before the guys discover what the Books of Acts and Romans have to say about our topic. “You can’t get out of everlasting life. All you can do is judge yourself unworthy of it,” says Michael.

Want to know more truth? Want more emotional and mental stability? Listen up!

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