It took Michael 52 years of ministry to learn this. But he did. And here it is!

On this Thanksgiving Weekend in the United States, the fellas commence this week’s Powercast celebrating “the unsearchable riches” and articulating their gratefulness for the transition from religiosity to freedom.

We’re reminded how consistent. persistent, repetitive immersion in the Gospel has caused “deleted files” from Michael’s, Daniel’s and untold numbers of Gospel Revolutionaries’ thoughts and emotions. In fact, Michael does not have the “worry file” at all anymore and tells us about it! “Worry is not a way you show you love somebody,” says the Founder and President of the GR.

So, from a Gospel perspective, how are love and authority effectively expressed? Listen and learn! We discover that “even religious minds can’t except you’ve achieved forever righteousness through works and beliefs”.

The Gospel Revolution Election Day Desk makes a HUGE PROJECTION of who was elected AND exactly how many times Matthew, Mark, Luke and John refer to the destination of Heaven. Michael says it’s the biggest landslide in history and how it took him 52 years of ministry to project this information.

Why are there no riches stored in Heaven? Did God screw up? No! “Man has screwed this up magnificently,” proclaims Michael. Then Daniel asks Michael to explain the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, which MLW does with aplomb.

Concluding this months-long study of the Hebrew Scriptures’ and so-called Gospels’ take on Heaven, Michael says. “There is not a denomination on the planet teaching this. The only place you will hear this is HERE!”

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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