Daniel pays a visit to the Secret City, and our language geeks really got after it! This Powercast is just the start of the fruit of their study and time together.

The program begins with the revealing of their new research on what ends up being “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”, NOT the Book of Revelation.

A question sent in from Michael Turi helps clarify our sessions on “heaven”.

Then we learn: why Michael almost threw in the towel on the Revelation but why they continued on, the bridge between belief and knowledge, where to go to find out if what you believe might be right, what disgusts and leads to sorrow about certain people’s approach to the Hebrew Scriptures, the difference between the Kingdom of God and Heaven, why the addiction of confirmation bias is worse than any drug, and more on our ongoing look at what the New Testament writers had to say about everlasting and eternal life.

“Heaven is a place. Eternal life is a condition,” said the Great Un-Teacher.

You don’t want to miss this one and you’ll be sure to want to share it.

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
221111 The Book of Revelation Does Not Exist