“I’m one with Hitler, not because of deeds. I’m one with Hitler because of Christ,” Michael reminds us in this week’s Powercast.

Suggesting you “buckle-up” before listening to this podcast, would not do these 78 minutes justice. There may never have been a session filled with thought-provoking and poignant points presented by the President and Founder of the Gospel Revolution than this one.

“I don’t hear from the Lord…Their conclusions about spirituality causes a suppression of the spirituality of the Cross…We need a consensus about Christ to overcome the big life Christianity spread around the world…Nobody believes in the devil more than Christians…Righteousness is not an attribute. Righteousness is God…I do not buy people’s so-called ‘after death experiences’…You have to eliminate the absurd before you get to truth…I am puzzled with the offense people carry for the Hebrew Scriptures and Christ himself. They are offended with him and what he did…We get shamed for honoring and using the Hebrew Scriptures. If you are going to poo-poo the Hebrews Scriptures, stay out of them! We call them the HEBREW Scriptures on purpose to delineate them and help break the addiction of calling the New Testament writings, Scripture. They are not!…If you like our methodology, stay with us. We are ready to change our minds at any time.”

Questions, comments, and a text from GR’s like Barry Laney, Ben Hunt, and Norm Thiessen, plus dipping into the Book of John produced the above thoughts, quotes, and more…

Amongst many other things, we learn about God’s process and what happens when you judge God for it and what he did during his process in the Hebrew Scriptures. “God was not pleasant. We would have thrown him in jail…The only man who could go to heaven was the one who came from heaven….If Jesus was straight or gay or had sex with Mary, it would not have disqualified him as the perfect sacrifice…There are no mansions for us in heaven. There is a mansion for God in the Earth. It’s called Christ in us!”

Jesus said, “What you think is there (in the Hebrew Scriptures), is not there. And what you did not know, is there!”

This is what our pursuit for truth and eternity is all about. KNOWING what is actually in there. “That’s enough to keep me in the Hebrew Scriptures for the rest of my life,” said MLW.

How ’bout you?

Please listen, enjoy and share over and over again.

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