noun: etymology

the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history.

Whether you’re a “language geek”, like Michael and Daniel or not, we trust you are benefiting from their etymological study of the origin and evolution of biblical “dog-whistles” like “end of the world”, “the lake of fire”, “heaven”, “hell” and “eternity”.

“It’s so life-giving when you are released from the (Pavlovian) response to these terms…Knowing the actual meanings about things (like eternal life) is expediting our journey to the day when humanity will learn war no more.” 

The show commences with the guys enjoying the irony of needing to operate an organization with an authoritative structure in order to inform the world that authority was done away with.

We discover: “zoe” or “eternal life” is not connected to heaven, how the invisible disappeared, about Michael’s joy at being included in the condemnation of the law, Daniel’s “out-of-body” experience in the Bonus Room, why eternity is about “a standing” and not about “a destination”, three Greek words all translated as one word “world” but when separated tell the whole Gospel story rather than just another end-times-foolish doctrine, how God damning all began the process of God bestowing righteousness on all, Michael’s explanation how the word “aeon” affected his understanding of eternal and everlasting, plus a ton more!

Daniel shows the huge difference between two Greek words translated “life”, and Michael likens the “afterlife” to “matter”. We also learn what eternal damnation, eternal fire, eternal punishment, and the lake of fire are all referring to. While looking at the verse about no one being forgiven of “blaspheming the Holy Spirit”, Michael rejoices that he nor Daniel (or anyone else) will ever be forgiven and explains why!

Got your attention didn’t we? Get ready to have your life in the here and now be positively and dramatically by the eternal life of God!

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