There are so many pivotal moments and subjects in the history of the GR. We are in one of those now as we “pursue eternal life”. That’s how huge is this topic. It is Gospel Revolution 2.0, indeed!

Another major turning point was many years ago when we saw ALL the Scriptures – the actual Scriptures – the Hebrew Scriptures were about one man, the God-man, the Master, the Christ, Yeshua, Jesus. 

Well, friends and family, get ready for “A Master Class in the Master”. This Powercast is not to be believed. It is, however, to be heard, contemplated, and for the purpose of receiving more of the “knowledge of the Lord”.

It all commences with Michael and Daniel revealing their respective culinary distastes for sauerkraut and fish. Not together. Separately. You’ll have to listen to find who is disgusted by which. But there is one thing the guys’ appetites agree on 100%. It is the nauseous effect on the soul of foul-tasting religious doctrines. 

We hear several letters which will bring clarity to the journey we have undertaken about eternal life. First, the fellas are asked if they really said there was NO heaven.Then Dr.Sabu Thomas pens a note with some very insightful questions regarding life after death. Don McMillan comments about the “cycle of life”. Perry says he is “thoroughly confused”. And Daniel Moiser has discovered what eternal life is according to Jesus!

Hear why Michael makes these provocative comments. “They can’t hear what they hear when they hear it…The subject of heaven is not part of the conversation in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John when talking about eternal life…It is not our intent, but we may end up going some place stupid…Life extends past death but where?…We’re really NOT brothers in the Lord…I am not offended by the devil getting saved. It’s just not in the Gospel…The ‘Great Commission’ disagrees with the Gospel”. We learn why Don Beres Bartlett got mad at Michael, never really let it go but then got happy!

This show is one for posterity to be sure! Be like Don. Get happy! 

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
221021 A Master Class In The Master