For two guys who admittedly are going down this road of researching and revealing “eternal life” with “trepidation” and “eyes wide open”, our dynamic duo sure do get after it with zeal and boldness.

This Powercast begins with an ancestry update on Michael’s prostitute second great grandmother and her massive Kansas City pugilist judge of a grandson who “used to beat the living crap” out of anyone who would disrespect his court. 

Then we’re reminded of why it took Michael so long to go public with the Gospel of Peace, how all of our questions since have come through the Gospel of Peace, and why it has taken over 20 years to commence the trajectory we are on now regarding the pursuit of eternal life.

Daniel and Michael continue “redeeming” biblical words that have been historically mistranslated and misused, like aeon, world, cosmos, eternal, everlasting, zoe life and psuche life. Michael echoes the promise from the Hebrew Scriptures that there will be no end of the world! 

Our “Un-Teachers” commit to look at each time the word eternal or everlasting is used in “the Gospels” but not before reminding us of the understanding (or lack thereof) about heaven and hell in the Jewish mindset and understanding what exactly they were looking for when they sought “eternal life”. 

We learn what Jesus was speaking about when he teaches on eternal life and gain greater understanding of the “heart of the law”.

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
221014 Eyes Wide Open