What a unique Powercast podcast! For the first time in a long time, we learn Michael recently received a phone call and a prayer request from a friend for their healing. And he prayed “liked the old days”.

Why did he did he pray, something he has said has not been a practice of his for many years? Well, frankly, the reason he did pray is at the heart of this show and the Good News. “We’re not going to purposely bring disruption to what comforts you. We are not here to be a bull in a china shop. The Gospel meets you exactly where you are. Why wouldn’t we?”

While taking that tact visa vise the prayer request specifically, and the thoughts which may bring comfort like going to a place called Heaven after this life, Michael reaffirms “We are people of the Hebrew Scriptures. We continue to stay open to changing our minds about all these things. But our view and opinion about eternity (and everything else) must be based in the Scripture”.

We hear a letter from Jackie Barnard about the Revelation and a text from David about last week’s program regarding our newest, redoubled efforts on what happens for eternity. “We’re nervous bout considering these things, too, David. What do you believe happens when you die?”

Daniel reminds everyone of our desire to hear from YOU!

We clarify: what Jesus defines the Scriptures were all about, including the Moses’ ACCUSATIONS about Christ, that those outside of belief would eat of eternal life, and what exactly humanity would never thirst nor hunger for.

Then we dive into the only verse in the Hebrew Scriptures, taken out of context, paints a picture of a fiery hell and are reminded of the parameters in which our search will continue.

Please reach out to us and let us know how this is all sitting with you and with any questions, comments or concerns.

Love you.

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Gospel Revolution
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