About this week’s Powercast, Michael made the claim in the most recent Bonus Room Study (linked below) that “It’s one of the most dynamic things you’ll ever hear”. If a statement like that could be an understatement, this one is.

The only way you will understand how profound this podcast actually is, would be to hear it. So, please listen and share it with friends and family.

It all commences with Michael’s “adventures in ancestry”. A visit to the local courthouse reveals that his second great grandmother was the proprietor of the local “bawdy house” in Kingston, Tennessee and had six children but was never married.

Then the guys dive into “the DNA of the Gospel”. We learn: what the DNA is, how Christianity is ensconced in paganism, why Michael feels sorrow for certain people, and why if one is going to disavow the Hebrew Scriptures then “stay out of them”. Daniel reads a letter from a viewer of the Calgary Conference on how the invisible became visible, which causes Michael to say, “We have failed miserably and have a lot of work to do”. This lovely, sincere woman wanted to know if she would ever see her grandma again in Heaven.

Thus, begins our introduction to the new series “In Pursuit of Eternal Life”.  

We’re reminded of the late great Don Beres Bartlett’s criticism of Michael’s teaching on “The Irrelevancy of Hell”. It’s not the only time we hear from our Aussie on this show. We recap our ongoing study on Heaven and Hell, as we begin to “take out the trash” within our established perimeters of the Hebrew Scriptures. “The Jewish people never had a concept of seeing loved ones in Heaven and still don’t. And, as a group, they seem to be doing just fine”.

What is eternal life?

We rehearse the fact that ALL the Hebrew Scriptures are about Jesus, including all its ACCUSATIONS! We also discover there was an alternate plan of salvation beyond personal belief and that Jesus talked about it!

“It’s appalling! It’s nauseating!!!” What is? Michael and Daniel pull no punches. 

Check-out this program and get ready to receive the best news you could possibly ever hear!

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Gospel Revolution
220930 In Pursuit Of Eternal Life: Am I Gonna See Grandma Again?