This may be your favorite Powercast podcast ever. It caused Daniel toward the end to exclaim, “Phew, Michael you’re on fire!”

These incredible 78 minutes commence with Daniel describing his weekend driving NASCAR and the irony of his dad’s “bucket list” item. We hear: why Michael detests monarchies but couldn’t keep his eyes off the coverage of the Queen’s funeral, about a cruel sovereignty, of daily encounters with the divine, regarding the application of the Gospel to everyday life, how you have to “take out the trash first”, Michael’s encouragement for everyone to go back and watch Daniel’s historic teachings again on Heaven and Hell, and why there is no concern for what happens to us when any of us die. 

Then we learn: why Daniel says “we’re standing our ground on the story in the Hebrew Scriptures and what Yeshua did”, about a pleasant Facebook dialogue he had with a “mystic” named Richard Murray, how if you minimize the first covenant you’re going to minimize the second, “a pez dispenser of communication”, why if you distrust the government you should look in the mirror, why the next generation may be being prepared with a “pablum” gospel, why it’s so dangerous, and how you don’t have to throw away half the truth to know the whole truth.

Jesus is THE truth! But why are he (and we) on such a solid foundation? 

We discover: the stumbling block for future generations, why if you’re going to be intellectually dishonest you might as well throw the Bible out, how there is no way to understand grace if you do not understand the law and its vital purpose, and why “there is NO truth there! It’s not a real Christ!”

Michael gives a great impersonation of Kenneth Hagin, explains why Moses would be easier to follow than Jesus, why mental health workers’ definition of “hope” is such a trap, discusses good and bad karma, how T.L. Osborne played a role in the history of the Gospel Revolution, plus (believe it or not) so much more!

Get ready. It ain’t going to be boring.       

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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