Islam teaches “Jesus”. You can do anything with “Jesus”. You can make him a personal Lord and Savior, which is nowhere in the Bible. We know his name wasn’t even “Jesus”. His name in Hebrew was actually Yeshua, Joshua in English. Then if you apply our vernacular, we could more accurately call him Josh, “The Lord Josh”! That would be more precise than these doctrines which are “taught out of the Bible but are not in the Bible”. Don Beres Bartlett’s example of the “God-man, the first prototype” is remembered. 

Thus, this amazing Powercast podcast commences with Michael revealing what his “spirit animal” would be and much more poignantly, why “to see the creation as the final act is one the greatest tragedies of spiritual misunderstanding in the history of Earth”. 

Among many other things, we learn: why this year has been monumental for Daniel, how Michael was an expert at communicating confirmation bias, how “we’re not checking Francois, we’re checking ourselves”.

Speaking of Francois, we hear again from the author of one of the most heinous “private interpretations” of Christ and “those old Jewish” writings, as the boys take up his challenge to “page on” through them.

The guys reflect on why they are so zeroed in on certain teachers of detrimental doctrines “who have robbed so many people of the Gospel”.

Buckle-up, Gang! 

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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