“Society’s go through these frequent rotations in and out of hysteria, where all reason seems to have gone out the door. We appear to be in one of those times now.”

Thus, begins this Powercast as they boys hit the ground running. Michael uses his recent viewing of a program about the Salem Witch Trials as a launching off point and agrees that back-in-that-day he would have been burned at the stake. “Roasted”, he says with a chuckle.

However, today’s current hysteria and “witch-hunts” are no laughing matter. What is “a matter of life and death” (and “a no more important subject”) is knowing what are and are NOT the Scriptures.

“The result of (them) taking (the hysteria) or conflict out of the story, is that they have no answer…War is an hysteria…The Gospel IS the answer…They lie about the oral tradition of the Hebrew Scriptures…They claim they’re not only smarter than Moses, they’re smarter than Jesus!” 

We hear directly from a recording of Francois Du Toit about “those Jewish writings and cleverly devised myths”.

What are those cleverly devised myths and what specifically causes Daniel to say “ick”?

“They all have a book which is their baseline you must accept. The GR’s baseline is the Hebrew Scriptures,” says DTR. “Which is why we change our minds,” respond MLW. “Francois was saying Jesus came to confirm the Mirror Bible. By eliminating the validity of the Hebrew Scriptures, you eliminate the Day of the Lord…All of these guys call the prophet Isaiah a liar!”

This podcast contains 83 minutes of world-changing thoughts. “Hysteria would not be able to take root if there was a common truth we shared,” says the Founder and President of the Gospel Revolution.  

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