“Even atheists would have to admit it. The progress of the human race since the Cross is undeniable,” concludes Michael Lilborn Williams in the midst of a podcast which he himself describes as “a masterpiece”. 

It starts with Michael reminding us that he has never told anyone to stop praying or going to church. Daniel chimes in, “You told me to ‘keep pastoring’!”

Michael celebrates everyone’s unique ability to follow their own path. “I consider faith and hope having had interrupted my life. I have missed nothing by disposing of personal faith…Worrying about someone is not an expression of love. It’s an expression of a ‘tumor’ on the brain”! 

Then the guys finish-up our study in Galatians 3, recapping what we’ve learned about imputed righteousness, the seed, the promise, and how the law was protecting the “invisible seed”, and why Michael doesn’t like to have guests anymore.

MLW paints a magnificent word picture of the entire Gospel story, starting with Adam in the Garden, going from an asymmetrical to symmetrical world, how this symmetry must be produced through turmoil, why God may have gotten tired of living in Heaven, how we tried to get from Earth to Heaven while God did exactly the opposite, and now that everything has been resolved – we actually live in a perfectly symmetrical Heaven-Earth.

Ummm.This one’s for the record books. Wow!

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220819 The Symmetrical World