Lots of family information in this life changing and affirming show.
It all begins with Daniel wishing Michael a happy 70th birthday week, the birthday boy talking about the impact on him surpassing his parents’ ages, his weight lifting goals. his and Daniel’s experiences with Amazon Smile benefiting the GR and the current Pledge Drive.
Then our dynamic duo dive head-first (emphasis on “head”) into what happens by removing the power of eliminating “sin consciousness”. We learn the only way to get rid of “sin consciousness” is to know sin has been done away with, the only way sin was done away with forever for everyone, and that it was through the blood of Christ. Daniel wonders out loud, “Is it a sin”? Michael reiterates, “We still really don’t understand sin. The over-abundance of grace has way out-paced sin. But if we don’t understand sin, we cannot ever fully understand grace. If you have guilt and shame, you have no ability to truly take responsibility for your life”.
We hear of Daniel’s dad’s “testimony”, about self-projection, why you can’t be arbitrary about God’s covenants, how Abraham’s covenant was good but now is foolish, the one word for promise AND promises, why there are over 45,000 different Christian denominations, and how key it is to embrace the spirit who came through Christ alone.
A listener facing a major family challenge asks. “Who the hell do you think you are, Mike Williams, taking away all the promises of God?” MLW responds.
“Faith is not part of my life. I have NO hope…. I have one two-pronged purpose in life…If you can embrace the abundance and gift, you will reign in life”.
What is his purpose and what does it mean to reign in life? Listen to this Powercast and you will know!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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