“We’d be millionaires if we were compensated based on the Gospel content we’ve produced over the last year,” joked Michael. Or was he joking?
Regardless, this week’s Powercast is right in line with the magnificent information that has been our pleasure to deliver, hear and receive this year AND for decades past!
It all commenced with the fellas laughing about their lack of sports knowledge, Daniel explaining why he calls his home “The Frozen Tundra”, why Michael sometimes doesn’t want people to know what he does, and what saves him. The shows ends with MLW uncovering why his home is called “The Secret City”, “Because we didn’t anyone to know we were about to drop a bomb on them”!
In between, the guys drop a “Gospel Bomb” on ours brains.They dig in on Part II of answering Vic d’Obrenen’s request to do a verse-by-verse study of Galatians Chapter Three. Among the highlights are:
  • Why the Story Cannot be Underestimated
  • Why Some are Undermining the Story
  • Why if You Don’t Believe Moses, You Can’t Believe Jesus
  • How Some have “Demolished” the Cross
  • What Specifically were the Galatians Foolish and Bewitched About
  • Why “You’re not taking out my condemnation!”
  • Daniel’s first time hearing Michael on Romans 10
  • Who Really is the Seed of Abraham
  • Plus so much more Gospel!
  • Please Enjoy AND Share AND Pledge TODAY!!!!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220805 If You Don't Believe Moses, You Can't Believe Jesus!