“There is no such thing as YOUR truth when considering THE truth!”
Michael and Daniel come out primed and ready to go for this week’s Powercast.
“Bible interpretation is quite simple when you understand the Gospel,” said Daniel. “Respect context and allow Peter, James, John, Apollos, Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to speak for and represent themselves. Then see how what they teach lines up with what’s in the Hebrew Scriptures!”
“Yes, I yelled at the Holy Ghost to teach us and (the information) came at us like an avalanche, chortled Michael. “There is a way to continue learning and 100 exits to depart from truth. But ALL of them undermine Moses, the Hebrew Scriptures, and the Blood of Christ.
As promised, we regather at Hebrews Chapter 11, but not before seeing Hebrews 10 contextually regarding those opposed to the Law and the Blood of Christ. 
Michael starts the study of Hebrews 11 by asking the question from Micah 7, “How did God show mercy to Abraham”?
Then he declares, “I was wrong!” You’ll surely enjoy and benefit from his corrected understanding which includes how God actually did show mercy to Abraham
These 74 minutes are likely to change your life forever.
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220722 There Is No Such Thing As Your Truth