This absolutely splendid Powercast commences with Daniel thanking our Captain and the entire Gospel Revolution for saving his life. Then the guys discuss their gratefulness about the impact of the Gospel and how it allows one to “negotiate with the ‘proper’ person”.
We learn why Michael thinks he may have been a Puritan at the founding of the New World. Discover why he strongly suggests certain people should, “Stop using the damn Bible…Jesus did not die just because he wanted to show he loves us, That’s pathetic! Hallmark Cards can do a better job than that…We know one thing. You have been offended by the Hebrew Scriptures. We do not develop truth to accommodate our conscious being offended…You’re bastardizing the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament!”
Another “mystic myth” is busted as we do a verse-by-verse contextual study of Hebrews Chapter 9.
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Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220715 Stop Using The Damn Bible!