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Three adjectives describing this incredibly beneficial podcast. It is shows like this one why the program is called “The Powercast”.
The guys open up discussing the pseudo graphical writings which were likely added to Paul’s, Apollos’, and even Peter’s work, and what the purposes of them might have been.
“You have to know the Gospel in order to be able to identify the pseudo graphical additions in the New Testament writings,” says Michael. Then Daniel points out what are the indications that they have been added and asks, “How can we trust anything in the New Testament writings?” Then definitively answers, “We have the Hebrew Scriptures! We (are) just like the Bereans, We go back to the Hebrew Scriptures…even to see if what Jesus said lines- up with the Hebrew Scriptures!”
We may change our minds, but the truth never changes!
“If your ‘prize’ is to be ‘right’, you’re not going to like the Gospel,” exerts Michael. Daniel adds, “The Gospel will prove you wrong, but at the same time will also prove you always right-e-ous”. We learn how Abraham Lincoln likely pronounced “righteous”.
Our discussion on the mystery continues by first reviewing a passage discussed last week on adoption. We learn exactly what the adoption as the Sons of God means. We are reminded about how Don Beres Bartlett described it as, “We are God in the Earth”
Daniel challenges one of Don Keathly’s teaching on being alienated and enemies in your mind. We look, in a classical GR way, at the context of this verse which happens to fall in line with our study on the mystery.
We are aliens no more!
“The will of God has has already been done, and you’re trying to exercise your will to be what you already are? … Congratulations! You just judged God as unrighteous”!
Ready to be challenged? Listen and have your mind delivered to a higher level of understanding about this wonderful information!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220701 Even When You're Wrong You're Right-e-ous!