What a unique and profound opening to this week’s Powercast!
Michael gives his take on his individual experience and treatment for seasonal allergies. Plus, amazing insight into some of Albert Einstein’s comments and the theory of the Speed of Light.
“If speed travels, then time can be determined into the trillions of years. If light does not travel, it changes everything. If light travels, it supports evolution. If light is constant (from ‘let there be light’), it supports creation. The one thing I do know is the ‘speed of light’ has never been measured before.”
Of course, as always, every topic that is broached here is done from the perspective of the Gospel – the Good News – including:
  • What does it mean that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth?
  • Michael’s Teaching on Five Mysteries: Sin, Marriage, Faith, Change,
and Godliness.
  • The impact of abandoning the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • The Book of Ephesians’ Mystery.
  • God’s use of time in accomplishing his plan.
  • The importance of embracing the Blood of Christ.
  • How God would be mean and a liar if everything was complete in Adam.
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220624 Albert Einstein, the Speed of Light and the Gospel