“Truth is attractive to a beautiful array of humanity, ” observes Daniel.
“Yes, the Gospel Revolution enjoys a multiplicity of expressions of God in the Earth” affirms Michael.
And so begins another excursion and pursuit of THE truth.
We understand, of course, WE ALL are THE truth; that it is contained within all of our hearts. However, as we have been learning in the Bonus Room Study (like the video below), we do well to aggressively receive (or “lambano”) the truth of God’s grace and righteousness. This is what Paul strongly encouraged, because it is to the life-saving benefit of our souls.
The Gospel is nourishment for our brains. And that, our friends, is what this (and every) Powercast is all about.
The guys continue our journey down the path about the Mystery which was hidden until EVERYTHING changed.
We discover: some people were privy to the mystery before it was fully unveiled in Christ, that humanity’s suffering and torture by God as told in the Hebrew Scriptures (including Christ’s himself) was for a very brief period but for the ultimate purpose, and that we are NOT part of the plan but we ARE living in the result of the plan! Good News? Amazing News!
This was the news that prior to Christ’s manifestation only a few were privy to. Now, tragically, Christianity and Mysticism are making the Cross to no effect and are proud of it! This is outrageous and potentially deadly. “Because they don’t follow the mystery all the way through, they’re still dealing with ‘sin’, the second coming, manifestation of the sons of God, and they’re still trying to change when God already changed EVERYTHING!” exclaims Michael.
God’s blueprint and sovereign involvement was the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ foreshadowed brilliantly in the Hebrew Scriptures.
Daniel reminds Michael of a series MLW preached several years ago about the mystery covering at least four subjects; the mystery of transgression, mystery of faith, mystery of marriage and the mystery of change.
As we continue going through Paul’s teaching on the mystery, we are reminded of what the “change” that took place at the Cross is all about – it was an alloy process. Two completely separate things coming together to make something which never existed without them or the process being made one!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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